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No 141 Sum 23

Timber framed houses in Hampshire

Wilton Windmill visit

Whitchurch Silk Mill waterwheel

Spring break on the Isle of Wight

No 140 Spr 23

John Christmas RIP

Hockley Mill Open Day

Ashlett Tide Mill

Four mills in Avon & Somerset

Bidston Windmill


No 139 Win 22

Mill Barrows in Sussex

Anchor Mills, Paisley

1869 report of Southampton explosion

Upwey Watermill

No 138 Aut 22

HMG meeting and talk

Warminster Maltings visit

Bunessan Mill, Isle of Mull

Derelict windmills of S Lincs

No 137 Sum 22

Windmills of Sweden

Longbridge Mill activity

Miller, Maltster, Merchant

Dalton Mill, Keighley fire

Newmills Corn & Flax Mills, Letterkenny

No 136 Spr 22

Bisham Temple Mills

Collooney Mills, Sligo

Leitur Mills, Donegal

Chalton Windmill


No 135 Win 21

Alan Stoyel

Gayle Mill, Wensleydale

Fairfield Mill, Sedbergh

Pump House, Old Basing

Three Scottish Mills 

No 134 Aut 21

Kings Worthy Sawmill

Watermills of the Lugg Valley

Heron Corn Mill



No 133 Sum 21

Otterton Watermill

Durngate Sluices, Winchester

Vendée Mills Visit

Upton, Isle of Wight windmills

No 132 Spr 21

Mills on field visits - 2

Lumsdale Valley Mills

Slipper Millpond Sluice

Clapham Junction Windmill


No 131 Win  20

Fallgate Mill

Field visits to Mills

Liebig Cards

Tide Mills of E Sussex

No 130 Aut 20

Ross Plunkett

Wilton Windmill Society

Essex/Suffolk visit 1985

Lancashire memories

Cotton Mills of Greater Manchester

No 129 Sum 20

Jeff Hawksley

A flax mill in Romsey

Worsborough Mill, Barnsley

Mill Slides


No 128 Spr 20

Archiving for beginners

Sherborne Mill is now generating

Hikers Hostel - City Mill Winchester

Two Kent windmills


No 127 Win 19

Castle Mill, Dorking

Lincolnshire Watermills

Gunton water powered saw mill

Trelock waterwheel and stamps

Vatnmylla – Faroese Norse Mills


No 126 Aut 19

Lincolnshire Visit

Spalding Drainage Engines

Stari Mlini, Montenegro

Siabost Norse Mill,
Isle of Lewis

Quainton & Angle Windmills


No 125 Sum 19

Eureka stye grain cleaners

Dewlish Mill, Dorset

Bere Mill

Leonardo da Vinci
Multiple Cylinder Watermill


No 124 Spr 19

Tony Yoward

Le Moulin de Gô

Grain Measures

Closure of Maltings


No 123 Win 18

Sherbourne Mill

Iceland's last windmill

Daverio Roller Mill at Wath Mill

Black gold of Cyprus


No 122 Aut 18

HMG N Wales Study Tour

Headley Mill visit

Image of Tilty Abbey watermill ?

City Mill, Winchester


No 121 Sum 18

Yearsley Mill, Yorkshire

Chilland Mill, Martyr Worthy

Overton Silk Mill site

Girne shipwreck


No 120 Spr 18

John Silman

Tony Yoward at the Mills Archive

Soberton Mill

Mill stones v roller mills


No 119 Win 17

Walking in Provence

Water & wheels in Alaska, Yukon

Pilcot Mill

New Mills industrial landscape


No 118 Aut 17

Mills miscellany

Whitchurch Silk Mill visit

South Wales study tour

Wessex Flour Mill, Wantage


No 117 Sum 17

Mills in Sussex

Dorset flax and hemp industry

Botley Mills

Quidhampton Mill, part two


No 116 Spr 17

John Reynolds RIP

London's early water supply

Headley Mill

Quidhampton Mill, Overton


No 115 Win 16

HMG Cornwall trip Pt 2

Navigating the Avon

A Pompeian-style Mill Reconstruction

Galway Waterways


No 114 Aut 16

HMG Cornwall trip Pt 1

Skerries Mill, Ireland

Royal visit to Whitchurch

Arthur Lowe Photo collection


No 113 Sum 16

Hockley Mill Sluices

Windmills worldwide

Mills News

Birds at Ashlett Tide Mill


No 112 Spr 16

Memorials to Millers

Twyford - Part 3

Visit to the Isle of Wight

Visit to Bear's Mill Part 2


No 111 Win 15

Childhood at Havant Mill

News of Mills

Medieval Lead Tokens

Visit to Bear's Mill, Ohio


No 110 Aut 15

Beaulieu Tide Mill

TIMS trip to Romania

Mill at Compton

Cone Clutch in S Africa


No 109 Sum 15

Carol O’Shaughnessy

Midlands Trip 2015

Intermediate Mills

5 Mills of Twyford


No 108 Spr 15

Bursledon's Birthday bash

USA Tide Mills Conference

Mystery of a tower mill

Mills Research Group Conference


No 107 Win 14

Editor's Notes

Visit to Town Mill, Alresford

Jordhamn Windmill, Sweden

French Burr Millstones


No 106 Aut 14

Basil Hunt

Training for Matt the Miller

My Interest in Watermills

Twyford’s Historic Landscape


No 105 Sum 14

Floods at Bridge Cottage

Restoration at Beaulieu

HMG Trip to Devon

Kingsley Mill


No 104 Spr 14

A wonderful discovery

Flour mill billheads

Raising the stone nut

Eling in the news


No 103 Win 13

Romancing the Mill stone

Hilda in steam

Eling Tide Mill update

Whitchurch Silk Mill news


No 102 Aut 13

Arthur Smith &
Mike Thurlow

Changes at Abbey Mill

Donnington Mill House

Headley Happenings


No 101 Sum 13

Frogmore Paper Mill

Visit to Daniels Mill

Superb drawings of Hockley Mill machinery

Volunteers for Whitchurch Silk Mill


No 100 Spr 13

Our 100th Newsletter

Canadian Tide Mills

Wool harvesters in Hampshire

New collections at the Mills
Archive Trust


No 99, Winter 12

Shears Mill, Bishopstoke

Beaulieu Tide Mill Renewed

A poem from the USA

Delicious Christmas Cake recipe


No 98, Aut 12

TIMS post tour of Denmark

Milling courses at SPAB

Red Letter days at Longbridge



No 97, Sum 12

Ashlett Tide Mill

John Silman's Diary

Bursledon Windmill

Bere Mill on Mills weekend

Mills Archive anniversary


No 96, Spring 12

Unusual wheel for lifting water

A chip from the Chesapeake

Poem - The Watermill

Knockando  Woolmill,  Speyside







No 95, Winter 11

Update on mills

Denmark & Sweden mills tour -1

Denmark & Sweden mills tour -2

Mills research group report

Mill models


No 94, Aut 11

Fire at Herdmans Mill

Medieval Mill in Cheshire

Watermills of Alton

Butter churning by waterwheel

Chattering Damsel's Tailrace


No 93, Sum 11

Pilcot Mill cleanup

Cornwall cotton connection

Trewey Mill & Museum
Zennor, Cornwall

President's 1999 notes

Hampshire Wind Engine


No 92, Spring 11

President's 1999 notes

Haircloth in Somerset

Calbourne Mill Isle of Wight

Recipe and limerick



No 91, Winter 10

Crux Easton appeal

Weaving in Wiltshire

Kingsfold Steam Rally

Visit to Bursledon

Flax mill in Romsey


No 90, Aut 10

Mill History exchange

Freshwater Eels

Hampshire Water Festival 2010

Gayle Mill


No 89, Sum 10

Stroud Valley
Textile Mills trip

Day out on the Thames

Coker Rope Works

Lymington Tide Mill


No 88, Spring 10

President's notes

Quizzical Corner

A Visit to Hockley Mill

SPAB’S September
Somerset Tour


No 87, Winter 09

Eling Tide Mill

John Keevil

Broughton Manor
Farm & Watermill

Barton Watermill,
Old Basing


No 86, Aut 09

City Mill Winchester

Sussex Mills Trip

2009 Hampshire Water Festival

Tour of Cambridgeshire Mills  


No 85, Sum 09


Pilcot Mill

2012 Olympic site

2007 Tide Mill Conference  


No 84, Spring 09

Poets Corner & Flour Power recipe

Longbridge Mill

Tour of Herefordshire & Shropshire

Presidential Notes




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