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Quainton and Angle Windmills



Alan Cullen



Quainton Windmill is now restored with sails turning!


During the past three years I have been visiting Quainton Road Railway Centre for another hobby of mine:  the Commercial Vehicles gather there to conclude their road run from Henley-on-Thames.  Three years ago from the train window we spotted in the distance a brick tower mill and on our return in 2018 we made a point of visiting the mill which was undergoing restoration, but nobody was around to speak to.


So on to 2019 when we were at Quainton Road for the annual vehicle run.  While on the train we could see the sails turning on the mill.  As our day finished around 2pm with the presentations of the run, off we went to the mill.  Unfortunately the sails had stopped turning as it was only open from 10:00am to 12:30pm!  Nevertheless to see the restored mill in the summer sunshine was a real treat.



Just a little history on the mill.  Building of the mill started around 1830.  Clay for the bricks was dug from a depression about a 100 yards away and a kiln was setup close by.  After a slight delay the 65ft tower was half built so they thatched it for the winter.  

Machinery for 3 pairs of stones was installed by a local millwright from nearby Aylesbury.

Early in the millís life the first floor was raised to allow reorganisation for the installation of a steam engine on the massive bedstone on the ground floor with its boiler in the open outside the north door.  The drive was taken up the mill to engage with the great spur wheel. The mill only operated for about fifty years and ceased working in about 1891.  It then was left to become derelict, the engine and boiler plus one pair of stones were sold.

Quainton Windmill Society was formed in 1974 and the restoration has moved on and now allows the sails to turn and produce flour which can be purchased.  So why not drop in any Sunday between March and October?  The mill can be found in the centre of Quainton village opposite the village green, and is open from 10:00am to12:30pm


Angle Windmill in Pembrokeshire



In June we were on holiday in the Pembrokeshire coastal area and stumbled on Angle Windmill in our A-Z atlas so we went to investigate.  The picture shows what remains of this disused and truncated mill overlooking Angle and Milford Haven.

We believe it to be an 18th-19th century windmill which was converted into a defence post during World War 2 as the first floor was still in place at that time.  The floor was concreted over and machine gun loops were formed to provide defence to the battle headquarters.  Unfortunately the battle HQ is currently flooded.

The windmill has recently been restored to its original shape and the tower walls have been re-pointed in roughly covered rubble.

This mill is on private land but it is easily viewed from the minor road leading to Angle village.  It is situated just off the B4320 close to Hubberton.

Some of these details were taken from a conversation with a local man who was walking his dog past the site as I was taking my photographs.  He spoke in a mixture of Welsh and English but I believe I have the correct information.


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