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Hampshire Mills Group has an extensive library of books, periodicals and pamphlets. These are listed below.
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1st International Congress of the Conservation of Industrial Monuments



Transactions at Ironbridge in 1973

Animal-Powered Engines

J. Kenneth Major



(The) Archaeology of Mills and Milling

Martin Watts



(The) Beam Engine

T.E. Crowley



Beam Engines

T.E. Crowley


A5 Pbk

Bedfordshire mills

Hugh Howes


Both Water & Wind Mills history and gazetteer

(A History of) Beeleigh Mill

Maldon Archaeological Group



Berkshire Windmills

Guy Blythman


A not complete survey

Berkshire Watermills

J Kenneth Major


reprinted from Berkshire Archaeological Journal 63

Biscuits from a Dorset Village

RK & GM Moores


Morcombelake Biscuit Factory

Boat Mills in Europe: from early Medieval to modern times

Daniela Graf, TIMS


An exhaustive study

Boston Windmills [Lincs]

Martin Hanson, James Waterfield


A5 Pbk

BP Book of Industrial Archaeology

Neil Cossons



British Watermills

Leslie Syson


History and Types

British Windmills : A bibliographical guide

Guy Blythman


A list of books and articles about windmills

British Windmills & Watermills:

C P Skilton


Britain in Pictures.  History, Old Pictures (32)

Cam or Rhee

Barrington Local History and Conservation Socy


Cambs. river geography, history, mills, etc.

(The) Care of Windmills in Flanders

J. De Schepper


Outlines of a restoration/maintenance management policy..

Castleton Pumping Station : Sherborne, A History

R. Pountain



(The) Changing Face of Kent Mills




Chase Mills Bishops Waltham

W E Walmsley



Comparison of chalk groundwater models in and around the River test catchment

Science Group – Air, Land, Water



Contribution of the Windmill to the Industrial Revolution

Roy Gregory



Corn Milling

Martin Watts


Shire Album No. 98

Cornish Engines

Peter Laws


in the care of National Trust

Cornish Watermills

D. E. Benney 


Bradford Barton

Cornish Windmills

H. L. Douch


History and gazetteer

(The) Craft of Mill Gearing

J. Harold Armfield


scanned from Industrial Archaeology Vol 9. No 3, Aug 1972

Danish Windmills 

Anders Jespersen 


excerpt from Transactions of the Newcomen Soc. Vol.3 1

Dansk Folkemuseum & Frilandsmuseet : History & Activities




Days of Glory (Mill)

Alan Mead



De Re Metallica

Georgius Agricola


Translated from the Latin of 1556.  Development of mining methods etc.

Derbyshire Watermills – Corn Mills

Alan Gifford



(The) Derwent Valley
The valley that changed the world

David Knight ed


Derwent Valley Mills World Heritage Site Research Framework

Development of Power in the Textile Industry 1700-1939

Richard L Hills



Devon Leather

Martin Bodman


Leat Press.  Tanners and tanneries

Discover Dorset - Mills

Peter Stanier


Dovecote Press

Discover Dorset - The Industrial Past

Peter Stanier


Dovecote Press

Discovering Watermills - Shire Publications

John Vince


Description and gazetteer of some watermills in England

Discovering Windmills - Shire Publications

John Vince


Description and gazetteer of some windmills in England

Dorset’s Industrial Heritage

Peter Stanier



Drainage Windmills of the Norfolk Marshes

Arthur C Clark


Gazetteer + photos of remains

Driven by the Dane

Tony Bonson


Nine centuries of waterpower in South Cheshire & North Staffordshire.

Durley Mill

Durley History Society



(The) Dutch Windmill

Frederick Stokhuyzen


History and description..

Dutch Mill : as a geographical technical term



Symposium paper

East Riding Watermills

K J Allison



Elements of Mechanism

Peter Schwamb
 Allyne L. Merrill


A5 Pbk  1984 reprint

Eling Tide Mill Teachers Information Pack




(The) Engineer ‘Highlights of 120 Years’



Intro; Energy; Design; Transport; Manufacturing; People at Work. Fold-out drawings of Cornish pumping engine 1871; GNR Express engine 1871; Compound surface condensing marine engine 1871; Single geared drilling machine 1868; NLR four wheeled coach 1869

England’s Vanishing Windmills

E.P. Shillingford


includes a selective gazetteer

(The) English Windmill

Rex Wailes


Buildings, machinery & millers

English Windmills Vol. 1

M.I. Batten


Architectural press ;  Kent, Surrey & Sussex

English Windmills Vol. 2

Donald Smith


Architectural press; Buckinghamshire, Essex, Hertfordshire, Middlesex & London

Esom Sloan’s Grist Mill

Theodore R. Hazen


History Study (11pp) History Study (23pp) (supplement) Drawing Notes (5pp) 5 Drawings (12pp). Mills of Franklin County - by Theodore R. Hazen - Pt. 1 (3pp) Pt. 2 (4pp) Sloan Family Genealogy (26pp) Sloane’s Mill Drawings (5pp) Early Mills (of Franklin County) by Essie Wade Smith (2pp) Epilogue by Theodore R. Hazen (3pp) Field notes for Slone’s Grist Mill Restoration, Virginia’s Explore Park (10pp)

Essex Windmills

Rex Wailes


Off-print Transactions of Newcomen Soc.

Essex Windmills, Millers and Millwrights Vol 1

Kenneth G. Farries


Historical Review

Essex Windmills, Millers and Millwrights Vol 2

Kenneth G. Farries


Technical Review

Essex Windmills, Millers and Millwrights Vol 3

Kenneth G. Farries


Charles Skilton; Parishes A-E

Essex Windmills, Millers and Millwrights Vol 4

Kenneth G. Farries


Charles Skilton; Parishes F-R

Essex Windmills, Millers and Millwrights Vol 5

Kenneth G. Farries


Charles Skilton; Parishes S-Z

(The) Evolution of the Steam Engine

Thomas. B. Mackenzie


A6 Pbk..1994 reprint

Exploring the Old Mills of North Carolina, USA

Grimsley T. Hobbs



Fairbairns Silent Mill Machinery at the House Mill

Brian Strong



Finnish Mills  Part 1: Watermills

A. Hirsjarvi
Rex Wailes



(The) Fischer Windmill (of Elmhurst, DuPage County, Illinois, USA).

Philip E. Vierling


A multitude of scale drawings & text. 123 pages.

Flax and Hemp Industries South Somerset for South Somerset District Council

G&T Consulting


Typical consultation document but contains a useful list of sites and bibliography.

Flour for Man’s Bread

John Stork
 Walter Dorwin Teague


A History of Milling

Flour Milling

Peter A Kozmin


translated from the Russian.  Theoretical and practical handbook of flour manufacture for millers, millwrights, …

Flour Milling Machinery

Nordyke and Marmon



Flour Milling Technology Vol. 1

Leslie Smith


All about Roller Mills and their machinery.

Flour Milling Technology Vol. 2

Leslie Smith


All about Roller Mills and their machinery.

Fritham Free Church and the Schultze Gunpowder Works

Stephen Ings


Mostly the social history. rather than about the gunpowder works.

Fulling Mills of Sussex

Alex Vincent



Gazetteer of the Water, Wind & Tide Mills of Hampshire

C. M. Ellis


Off-print Proceedings of Hampshire Field Club

Gearing in Watermills : Gangtojet I Vandmoller

Anders Jespersen


In Danish & English

Going with the Grain

Penelope Stokes


The story of Doultons (Corn Merchants & Millers of Newbury, Berks.) 1792-1992

Gone with the wind: Windmills, and those around Tring

I Petticrew
W Austin



Grist Mills of Early America & Today (USA).




Grist Mills of Fairfax County & Wahington, DC, USA

Marjorie Lundegard


with pamphlet/postcard of Colvin Run Mill Historic Site.

Guide to United States Patents for Windmills and Wind Engines 1793 - 1950 

T. Lindsay Baker (compiler)


TIMS BM 18   A list by date & inventors


Brenda J Buchanan (ed)


The history of an international technology

(The) Guntersville Project. Technical Report No. 4

Tennessee Valley Authority


Very Large Hydro-electric generation

Hampshire Buildings Preservation Trust Ltd. Annual Report 1990



Contains report on Bursledon windmill

Hampshire Buildings Preservation Trust Ltd. Annual Report 2016




Hampshire Industrial Archaeology – a guide

C M Ellis



Hampshire Magazine Vol. 31 No.10 August 1991

Michael Kennett


Contains article on Bursledon Windmill

Hampshire Studies 1996 - Proceedings of the Hampshire Field Club & Archaeological Society, Vol. 51.



Contains article: Wind-powered Grain Milling, Flour Production & Bread Consumption in 18 & 19 Centuries by Gavin Bowie

History of Cornmilling Vol 2: Watermills & Windmills

Richard Bennett
 John Elton


1973 reprint. Covers all types of mill

History of Seed Crushing in GB

Harold W Brace



Holland in Panorama

F.A.H. Bloemendal


A coffee table book with stunning photographs some of mills.

Holten’s Graan-, Olie-, Houtzaagmolen Deurne, Eindhoven, Netherlands



In Dutch.  guidebook of area


Jan Delcour


Pbk. In Flemish.  Dog driven wheels

Horay Guide des Moulins

Annie Candore


Lang: French A ‘Mills Open’ guide by region also includes some hotels, restaurants & museums

(The) Horse Driven Corn Mill in England

J. K. Major


Extract from TIMS No. 2

Hoyt’s Engineers’ Pocket Companion




(The) Hungarian mill

S. Takats


extract by TIMS

(The) Hungarian Windmill

Lambrecht Kalman


Offprint of Ethnographia 1911, Vol. XX11 Lecture for meeting of (The) Assoc. of Hungarian Ethnographers on 25 May 1911.

Hydraulics and its Applications



types of turbines

I Bought a Windmill (Old Windmill, Chesterhill, Wigtownshire)

Elizabeth Adair


Account of restoration (building only)

In Pitstone Green There is a Farm



A4 Pbk [windmill, farm & village life.]

In Search of English Windmills

R. Thurston Hopkins
Stanley Freese


Cecil Palmer

In Search of Watermills (of Norfolk)

Philippa R.Miller


Informative Jingles, Drawings, Photographs & Lists of Watermills

Industrial Archaeology: The Journal of the History of Industry and Technology Vol. 3



Contents:- Hatting industry in Denton, Lancs, Cruquius Engine, Heemstede, Netherlands, Railway Stations Worthy of Preservation, Industrial Housing in West Cornwall, Curzon Street Station, Birmingham, Industrial Archaeology Television Series, Industrial Archaeology in London, Greater London's Industrial Monuments, Wine Vaults of Southampton, the 2nd Iron Bridge, Sunderland, Last of the Dyewood Mills, Keynsham, Somerset, IA of Gatehouse-of-Fleet, Some Ancient Irish Salmon Fishing Weirs, South Mills, Blunham, Bedfordshire, IA on the Doorstep, Water Supply of  Plymouth, Devon, 2 Flint Mills Near Kirkcaldy, Fife, Lace Market, Nottingham, St. Rollox Chemical Works, Glasgow, Tramplates of the Gloucester & Cheltenham Railway, Kielder Railway Viaduct, North Tyne Valley, Recollections of the Hatting Industry in Denton, Lancs., Industrial Material in Wakefield Museum, Radstock branch of the Somerset Coal Canal & William Ashman's Locomotive, Hand-loom Weaving Cottage in Mid-Lancs., Clothing Villages on the Frome, Somerset-Wilts, Blackbrook Sewage Works of the Tettenhall UDC, Staffs., Archaeology of the Cinema, Peat Charcoal, Dartmoor, Devon, Tie Plates, Ware & Hertford, Grimsby Dock Tower, Museum of Industrial Locomotives at Penrhyn Castle, Caernarvonshire.

Industrial Archaeology: The Journal of the History of Industry and Technology Vol. 5



Faversham, Kent Gunpowder Industry pts. 1 & 2, Marconi & the Isle of Wight, IA in New Zealand, Robert Delap & Steam Power in the Irish linen Industry, Windsor & Eton waterworks, Gloucestershire Bone Mill, Post Office Telephone Museum, Taunton, Dept. of Technology, Ulster Museum, Belfast, Somerset Coal Canal Tramways, Cheese Making & Cheese Chambers in Gloucestershire, Bowling Ironworks, Yorks, Box Quarries, Wiltshire, Caughley Porcelain Works near Broseley, Salop, 19 Cent. Scottish Coal Mining, The 1st Sun & Planet Gear ?, Lead Miners Tools & Equipment, Cornish Engine Houses at Welsh Metal mines, Development of Traffic Signs, Guinness Museum, Dublin, IA of Modern Road Transport,  Broughton Chain Bridge, Manchester, IA at Warwick School, Ingleton Coalfield, Yorks, Beam Pumping Engines at Kew Bridge, 1852-5 Significant years in the History of Photography in Manchester, Technical innovation in 19th Cent. Warehouses, Documenting Industrial History by Photography, Wood Engraving & Industrial History, Vacation projects at Uni. of Nottingham, Warnford Paper Mill,Hants

Industrial Archaeology: The Journal of the History of Industry and Technology Vol. 6



The Windmills of Hampshire, Herculaneum China & Earthenware Factory, Toxteth, Liverpool, Holywell Textile Mills, Flintshire, Scotland, Aids to Recording 1-5, Early Steam Power at Scottish Collieries, Fall Ings Foundry, Wakefield, Yorks, Goole: a Pre-Victorian Company Town, Bowling Ionworks, Yorks, Joseph Paxton & the Crystal Palace, McDougall's Clay Pipe Factory, Glasgow, Jennings South Western Pottery, Parkstone, Poole, Fireproof Floors of Witley Court, Worcestershire,  Extracts from a Catalogue of Machine Made Tools of Craig & Donald, Flashlocks on English Waterways, Cronkbourne Village, Kirk Braddan, Isle of Man, Waremills in Japan, the Cumberland Basin, Bristol, Packhorse Roads in Todmorden, Lancs, Pitfour Brickworks, Glencarse, Perth, Le Grand- Hornu (Coal mining in Belgium), an Early Corn Drier at Whittingehame Mains, East Lothian, Scotland, East Midlands Bell-pits & Soughs, The Stevensons – Pioneers of Coastal Lights.

Industrial Archaeology: The Journal of the History of Industry and Technology Vol. 7



Contents :- Tobacco Manufacturing in Lincolnshire, the Victoria Tunnel, Newcastle, Eardington Forges & Canal Tunnel, Shropshire, 19th Century Copper Working at Tomnadashan, Lochtayside.. Aids to Recording Pt. 6, the Rolle Canal, Devon,  IA Film List, Salisbury Avon Navigation,  Horse Plateways in West Yorkshire, IA of West Cumberland, Wren & Hopkinson Horizontal Cross Compound Engine, IA at Charterhouse-on-Mendip, Somerset, Wakefield Soke Mills, Plate Rails at Godstone,Surrey, Flashlocks, IA Film List, the Great Hot-Blast Affair, History & Development of Farm Tractors, the Vinegar Brewing Industry, Scottish Lead Mining in 1768, Hitch Patent Bricks, Wanted Waterwheels, Culross Colliery, Fife, Tramroads in NE Derbyshire, History of the last Holman Truss, Brickmaking at Sandleheath, Hampshire, IA Literature.

Industrial Archaeology: The Journal of the History of Industry and Technology Vol. 10



Contents:- IA in Fuji, Mining Technology at a West Scotland Colliery 1770-1800, The South Shropshire Lead mines, Industrial history of Hayle, Cornwall, Plate Rails at Codnor Park, Derbyshire, Waterbucket Pumps & the Wanlockhead Engine, Dumfriesshire, Scotland, Liverpool's Last Blockmaking Company, Working-class Housing in Portsmouth, A Mining Settlement on the Cardingshire Orefield, Use of Probate inventories for IA, Horse Wheels in North Yorkshire, Arkwright of Cromford, Water Supply on the Birmingham Canal, De Schoolmeister: a Dutch Papermaking Windmill, IA of Carlise, Water Supply system of a blast furnace at Maryport, Cumberland, Industrial Buildings in Upper Silesia, History of overhead Transmission Cable Insulators, Alfred Holt & the Lancashire Plateway System, History of William Wilson Dickie, Agricultural Engineers, East Kilbride, Scotland, Museum of Technology for East Midlands, Annual Review of IA literature.

(A short guide to the) Industrial Archaeology of Hampshire

R Riley



(The) Industrial Archaeology of Hampshire Roads

D J Viner



Industrial Archaeology of Watermills & Waterpower: Project Technology



History, Types, Turbines

Industrial Heritage of Hampshire & Isle of Wight

Pam Moore



(The) International Molinological Number Index Great Britain



Numbers Wind & Watermills and gives grid ref.

International Molinology No. 49


Dec 1994

Mills of Grand Duchy of Luxembourg; Windmills & Watermills of the Azores Islands; Comparison of Dutch and English design of Smock mills; Drainage mills at Aarlanderveen, Netherlands; comments on the origins of the Postmill; First National Mill Day in Germany; Danish Mill Day; European Millstone Quarries Bibliography.

International Molinology No. 50


July 1995

Four Centuries of Industrial Windmills in the Zaanstreek, Netherlands

International Molinology No. 51


Dec 1995

Watermills in India; Gorse Mills; Hydraulienne floating hydro-generator; Edge-Tool factory at Nans-sous-Sainte-Anne. France; Swedish Mills; Russian groat mill; Nantes windmill.

International Molinology No. 52


July 1996

Milling before Industry: Portugal 18th & 19th century; Incense Mills in SW China; Sanssouci windmill; A North Russian Mill; International Windmiller’s Trade Fair 1993; Canadian National Windpower Centre, Alberta.

International Molinology No. 53


Nov 1996

Horizontal windmill at Denainvilliers, France; Water-powered saw mills in Sweden; French millstones for King’s Lynn; Lancaster Burn’s windmill, Newent, Gloucs.; Windmill driven vessel; Sibiu open air museum Romania.

International Molinology No. 54


June 1997

Mill sites in the Valais, Switzerland; Turkish Watermill; Milling in Norway; Making Incense by water power; More Russian Mills; American Wind Engine in Czech Republic; Mills & Monasteries.

International Molinology No. 55


Dec 1997

9th Symposium: Hungary; Tour of Rumania; 1808/9 Survey of Corn Mills of Indre-et-Loire, France; Fishing with Wheels; Vocabulary of Windmilling; Ox-powered Treadwheel; American Wind Engines in Europe; Open-air water power museum, Greece; watermills in National Park Nockberge, Kneippweg, Austria; Sawmill, Kirchbach, Rapottenstein, Austria; Institute of Hellenic Mills.

International Molinology No. 57


Dec 1998

Industrial spying in the Dutch Paper industry; Millstones from Villaines-la-Gonais; a Hungarian Mill; Mill Groups in Great Britain; Mill Excursion in Portugal; Regional Mill Groups: Japan; Fishing with Wheels; more Russian Windmills; Horizontal Watermills with conical penstocks; New Walloon Mill Society; Boat Mills in Tiflis, Georgia; 1st Windmill in Jerusalem; Mills and Landscapes in Europe; Windmills on Emergency German Banknotes.

International Molinology No. 58


July 1999

Wind Generator on ‘Fram’ during Nansen’s Arctic Expedition; Two 19th Century Windmills in Western Australia; Wind-powered Water-raising device in Greece; Mills on Norfolk Island; Montefiori Windmill of Jerusalem; Mill conversions in France; Meat conservation by water power; more Russian Windmills; Irrigation technology in China; Boat Mills in Adana, Turkey

International Molinology No. 59


Dec 1999

TIMS excursion in former DDR; Noria technology in Mexico; Mills in 16th century Spain; Victoria windmill in Texas; Horizontal windmills of Andros, Greece; Mills in Arcadia, Greece; Medieval Mills in Reading; Modern wind generators; Mills in Vietnam; Water power in Northern Spain; Horse Powered Ferries; Boat Mills on Sava river, Bosnia; Blennerville Windmill, Ireland; The Lily windmill, Western Australia; Spanish Mill Society; Windmills in Alexandria, Egypt.

International Molinology No. 60


July 2000

Technical development of the Post Mill in SE Niedersachsen (Lower Saxony), Germany after 1800.

International Molinology No. 61


Dec 2000

An appreciation of Herman A. Webster; E. G. Marin - a forgotten molinologist; Tanbark mills of Chios, Greece; experiments with reefing of windmill sails; Callington Mill, Oatlands, Tasmania; windmills on stamps; Oil-mill painting; Tidemills in Iceland; Alexandria windmill;

International Molinology No. 63


Dec 2001

Small composite windmills on Europe’s coasts; Panster mills; Corn grinding windmills in 18-20 century Cyprus; Wooden windmill in Turkey; Callington windmill, Oatlands, Tasmania; Millstone to sail or waterwheel speed; Mill at Terme Segestane, Sicily; Institute of Hellenic Mills; Watermill on Lesbos, Greece; South African Mills; Baltic States windmills; Alexandria, Egypt windmills; Windmills on stamps

International Molinology No. 64


July 2002

Traditional windmill sails; 6 century water-sawmill, Jordan; Tell Shihab watermills, Syria; Millstones from Houlbec-Cocherel, France; German Tide Mills; N. African windmills; Millstones from Jobsdorf, Germany; Mills of Tenerife; Windmill postcards of Netherlands; a Tanzanian Danish mill; Tower mill at Pricovy, Czech; windmills on stamps; ; Millstone to sail or waterwheel speed; Orkney windmill; Donald Muggeridge collection at the Templeman Library, Univ. of Kent

International Molinology No. 65


Dec 2002

Boat mill on R. Tarn, France; Garonne boat mill; Rice hulling & milling in Japan; Horizontal watermill in Western Australia; London bridge waterworks; Horse-driven butter churn mills in Netherlands; San Francisco windmills; Wind engines in Wales; Millstone to sail or waterwheel speed; Tide mill at Purakau, New Zealand; Swiss Mills Soc.

International Molinology No. 68


July 2004

TIMS Obituary of Ander Jespersen; Windmills of Malta & Gozo; Watermills in Shetland; Kingsford’s Mill, Perth, W. Australia; Typological Questions in Molinology; Norwegian Watermill in 1834

International Molinology No. 69


Dec 2004

TIMS Watermills of the Greek Islands of Kythera & Antikythera; Molinos to Monedas;   Windmills on Crete; Windmills of Minorca; Windmills of Formentera; Mill typology; Icelandic Windmill; Tidemills in Belgium

International Molinology No. 70


July 2005

TIMS Pre-Symposium Tour of the Azores; Symposium in Portugal; Impressions of Portugal;  Notes on millstones seen in Portugal & the Azores; Post-Symposium Tour of Galicia &  Minho; Some Eucharistic mills; Horizontal windmills of Andros; How to saw Marble; Tidemills in Netherlands; Mill preservation in South Africa.

International Molinology No. 71


Decr 2005

TIMS Temporary watermills in Northern Portugal; Giant Austrian Mangle; Canna [Hebridean]  watermill; Multi-sailed French windmills; Tour of watermills in Switzerland & Black Forest; Millstone dressing machine; Ephesus water-powered Stone-dressing machine;  Tailpole winding on English Tower & Smock Mills.

International Molinology No. 72


July 2006

TIMS French millstones & quarry studies & bibliography; Mill management in 18 century Breton estate; Mill biotype; Swiss saw mill feed mechanisms; Challenge double-header wind engine in California; a Russian windmill paradise; mills on  move.

International Molinology No. 73


Dec 2006

TIMS tour of Southwest France; Water-driven installations in Corinthia, Greece;   Displacement of the windshaft during milling; Blade twist, droop snoot & forward spars;   Millstone trade in Cotes d’Amour 1400-1800; Iceland’s Vigur windmill; Washington’s   Grist mill 2006.

International Molinology No. 82


June 2011


(The) Itchen Navigation – a survey

Southampton Canal Society



(The) Itchen Navigation (1st edition)

Edwin Course


A4 Pbk.

Kinderdijk : Dutch Water Management Throughout The Ages

Eppo W. Notenboom
Ben Maandag


In Dutch and English.  The sub-title explains it all except that it is only about the Alblasserwaard and doesn’t cover the rest of Holland.  It does not go into the technicalities of the mills but to compensate it has some stunning photos.

Kruibeke – Rupelmonde



Tide mill

(The) Last Mill on (The) Esk : 150 years of papermaking in Dalmore Mill

Nigel Watson 


Scottish Academic Press

(The) Last Years of Mill Engine Building

Arnold Throp


A4 Pbk Stationary Power No. 7

Lee’s Patent Windmill

Stephen Buckland


history of windmill fabtail development

Leicestershire Water-Mills

Norman Ashton


gazetteer, history & photo’s of surviving & vanished water-mills

Lester Pelton and the Pelton Water Wheel

Roger P. Lesccohier



Levende Molens Feb & May 2001



[list of mill-restaurants]

Lincolnshire Milling Connections

Les Osborne



Lincolnshire Windmills

Peter Dolman


includes gazetteer and many photos

Lincolnshire Windmills Parts. 1 & 2

Rex Wailes



Lindved Gaard og Molle

Anders Jespersen


In English & Danish : Proposals for Reconditioning Mills on R. Lindved.

London’s Industrial Archaeology 3



Edge runners in Walworth
Notes on windmills in Greater London

Lost Canals & Tramroads of the East Midlands

Learn at Leisure



(The) Lost Windmills of Beccles

Margaret Knox with Peter Dolman
  Russell Garnham



Malting at Mistley




Melin 1 : Journal of the Welsh Mills Group



Tall Tower Mills of Glamorgan; Llynon Mill, Llanddeusant, Anglesey; British Burrstones, 1799-1821; Mills of the Lugg Valley in Radnorshire

Memoria das Aguas do Rio : Moinhos, Moleiros e Padeiras da Freguesia de Ul

Antonio Afonso de Dues, Ana Durao Machado, Luis Manuel de Sousa Martins


In Portuguese
 Mill & bakeries of north-west Portugal in the area of Oliveira de Azemeis

Memories of Kentish Watermills  

Alan Stoyel


Landmark Publishing;  Rivers Cray & Darent

(The) Mill at Wickham: its place in the rural community during the 19 C

Bruce J Tappenden


Chesapeake Mill Thesis

Mill Drawings

Stephen Buckland 


copies of drawings found in medieval manuscripts.

Mill Preservation in Denmark : 1st Intern. Symposium on Molinology

Anders Jespersen



(The) Mill: Upper Mills at Philipsburg Manor (North Tarrytown, New York, USA),

Howell Charles
 Keller Allan



(The) Mill’s Life [Fulford, Essex]

Charles Llewellyn


from the Domesday Book to the Millenium

Miller of Dee

Roy Wilding


Story of Chester mills and millers

(The) Millers

Glyn Jones


A story of technological endeavour and industrial success, 1870-2001

(The) Milling of Wheat



Assoc. of British & Irish Millers, pamphlet

Millnotes No. 1


Oct 1970

Standing windmills of region de Flandre Maritime, France 1969; Some remaining windmills of the U. S. A.; Haverhill mill

Millnotes No. 2


May 1972

N American Watermills; Gunton Park Sawmill, Norfolk; Reversing Mine Waterwheels

Millnotes No. 3


Oct 1972

Recollections of some Somerset millers; Note on gearing nomenclature; Notes on milling at Millstone & roller Debden mills Wickham Market, Suffolk; West Wratting, Cambridgeshire smock mill; Aden windmills; French toll-milling.

Millnotes No. 4


April 1973

Communal flour milling:: anti-mills, union mills, subscription & co-operative mills; Drainage of Yarmouth marshes, marshmen & a drainage windmill in 1782 Norfolk; experiences of milling & baking at Downs mill & bakery, Bexhill-on-Sea, Sussex; The German millers’ union; German merchant-millers’ association.

Millnotes No. 5


Aug 1973

In French  History of moulin de Pierre de Busigny, France; Some subscription mills; Heath House mill, Wedmore, Somerset; Ransome & Sims & Head corn mill.

Millnotes No. 6



Rawridge mills, Devon; Reports of visitations of Greenwich hospital & estates; notes on mill nomenclature; Russian milling industry.

Mills and Millers of Hampshire 1 - central




Mills and Millers of Hampshire 2 - west




Mills and Millwrighting

John Vince


Shire Album No. 33

Mills and their Preservation

Anders Jespersen


Proposal for selection for preservation of mills according to their machinery

Mills and Watercourses of the Upper Axe

B G Luker


from Wookey Hole to Bleadney

Mills around Wiveliscombe

Martin Bodman


SIAS Survey No. 12
Watermill sites on the upper River Tone and Hillfarrance Brook, Somerset

(The) Mills of Belidor (Architecture Hydraulique, Part 1, Book 2. 1737 & 1819)

Bernard Forest de Belidor


TIMS BM 17  [corn mills, saw mills, gunpowder mills, chain pumps] (translated by Owen Ward & George Watkins) 

Mills of the Isle and its tributaries

Derrick Warren



(The) Mills of the Isle of Wight

J. Kenneth Major



Millwrights Directory




Molinological Conference - Bromsgrove



Conference folder

Monastic Watermills

David Luckhurst


SPAB, 20 page A5 booklet

(Le) Monde des Moulins No. 15

Federation des Moulins de France

2006 Jan

In French :  autumn tour of South Lorraine; International millstone conference; Millstones of the plateau de Bord in Dordogne; mill tour of the Netherlands; Lambotte mill in Aumale, Seine-Maritime; Chantilly chateau and its hydraulic machines;

Moteurs Hydrauliques

Rene Champly


In French: Technical book construction & layout of waterwheels, turbines

Moulins Caviers d’Anjou  (Les Moulins de France No. 3)

Associations Protectrices des Moulins


In French : Windmill descriptions & gazetteer

(Le) Moulin de Beckerich

Isabelle Bernard-Lesceux


In French

Moulins à Eau  (Les Moulins de France No.2)

Associations Protectrices des Moulins


In French : Various papers describing mills

Moulins de l’Herault

Mentor de Cooman


In French Horizontal water wheel driven fortified mills of the 10-15th centuries in the valley of the Herault river west of Montpelier, some of whose remains can still be seen.. History, plans, descriptions.

Moulins de Provence




Moulins du Quercy à huile de noix - Traditions & recipes



In French

Moulins Francais D’Amerique (Les Moulins de France No.4)

Associations Protectrices des Moulins


In French
Bulletin new series No.4 of ‘Revue des Associations Protectrices des Moulins

(Die) Mühle Aurora in Jork-Borstel

H Ulrich
H-O Schlichtmann


In German

Mühlen and Müller



In German.  Guide to ‘Mills Open’ in Sachsisches Burgen- und Heideland, Germany this is the area around Leipzig.




In German
Guide to mills around Osnabruck, Germany

(The) Needle Mills

J G Rollins 


A5 Pbk. Guide to[needle making mill]

Norfolk Corn Windmills Vol. 1.

Harry Apling


By The Norfolk Windmills Trust  also contains Industrial windmills

Norfolk Windmills: Part 2, Excerpt Transactions Newcomen Soc. Vol. 30

Rex Wailes

1955-56 & 1956-57

Drainage and Pumping Mills including those of Suffolk

Northumberland and Durham – an industrial miscellany

N McCord
D T Rowe



Northumbrian Mills with horizontal waterwheels

NE Mills Group



O Espigueiro na Paisagem de Oliveira de Azemeis : Analise tipologica, morfologica e o contexto urbano

Antonio J. S. Afonso de Deus


In Portuguese.  Corn [Maize] Drying Sheds. Analysis by type in the area of Oliveira de Azemeis of north-west Portugal

Observations on the History of Water Power

Arthur Stowers.


1955-57 Off-print Transactions of Newcomen Soc

Old Southampton Shores

J.P.M. Pannell


contains chapter on tide mills & Woodmill @ Southampton

Old Surrey Water-Mills

J. Hillier



Old Totton

Michael Southgate



Oostvlaamsa Molenbestand

Paul Bauters


In Flemish: Guide to Wind & Watermills of a part of Belgium

Open to Tide Mills

Proceedings of an International Conference


How Tide Mills work; House Mill, Bromley; Eling, Woodbridge, Carew Tide Mills; Rupelmonde Tide Mill, Belgium; Mystic & Charles rivers of Massachusetts; Souther Tide Mills, Quincy, Massachusetts; Moat & Mills at the Tower of London; 7th Century Tide Mill at Nendrum Abbey, Co Down; Other UK Tide Mills.

Organization and Management in the Flour Milling Industry

E. Leigh Pearson

1933 ?

Administration of a mill

Owners of the Three Mills 1539-1728

Keith Fairclough



(The) Paper Mill Curdridge

Durley History Society



Petit guide des eoliennes multipales 



In French  A descriptive guide to wind engines. [does NOT include locations]

Pine Creek Grist Mill

International Molinological Society



(The) Power and Glory of Waterwheels  

Jeff  Hawksley 


SPAB       Theory, Design & Efficiency

Post mill Stability - Preliminary Edition

Paul Jarvis


Preliminary Analysis

Practical Hints on Mill Building

R. James Abernathey


How to layout your roller mill.

Practical Windmilling Today

Les Osborne 


A5 Pbk. [signed]

Proceedings of the 2nd Mill Research Conference



Windmills & Populations Compared; John Smeaton’s Windmill Designs; Hydraulics of Tide Mills; Tide Mills of the South Coast; Cotton Mill Row, Canterbury; Essex-Suffolk border Mills;

Proceedings of the 7th & 8th Mill Research Conference :



Horse mill in Tour St. Aubin, Angers, France; Millstones of La Ferte Sous Jouarre, France; Swedish postmills in Oland; Mill on the Po[boat mill, Italy]; Variable weather of Windmill sails; watermills on navigable waterways; Horizontal Sugar Mills; Rotation of wind,mill sails and fantails; Millstones of Sacrewell, Cambs.

Proceedings of the 9th & 10th Mill Research Conference:



Mills of mediaeval Iraq; 3 unusual milling machines; Millstone makers in London; Computers & mill records; Rotation & dressing in cornmill stones; Crabble Mill; Carshalton - a Smeaton mill; Landscape, technology & maps

Proceedings of the 11th Mill Research Conference:



Origins of the Tower mill, Chesterton; Mill databases in England; An exercise in making querns; Rotation & gearing in mills; mills visited in Warwickshire and Kent

Proceedings of the 12th Mill Research Conference:



British millstone makers at Paris Exhibition 1878; How the meal emerges; Manx windmills, a survey; Mill recording in England; Fenland drainage mills in Cambs & Hunts; Grinding characteristics of millstones; Lutyens’ & Jekll’s garden millstones; Bloxham Grove post mill, Oxon.

Proceedings of the 13th Mill Research Conference



Variations in design, Cretan watermills; Windmill database - England; Use of Maps by the Industrial Historian; Mills on Pub Signs; Water Powered canal inclines in the British Isles.

Proceedings of the 14th Mill Research Conference



King’s Lynn Millstone accounts; Barn-top Mills; Twineham & West Ashling hollow post mills, Sussex; Mills on village signs; Fen Millwrights; Jack & Jill; Frank Gregory; East Sussex mills.

Proceedings of the 15th Mill Research Conference



Hammond’s Patent Governor; Historical survey of Smock mills in Cambs; Smaller English Windpumps; Fieldwork in Cen & Eastern Europe; Ledgend of Meldreth Mill.

Proceedings of the 16th Mill Research Conference



Grist windmill technology in Flanders in the 14th & 15th centuries; Millers in the Militia Lists; St. Margaret’s bay smock mill, Kent; Oil & cake mills in & around Cambs; French millstones made-to-order.

Proceedings of the 17th Mill Research Conference



Early types of Water turbine in the British Isles; Some more Irish Mills with machinery - 1998 visits; Reports on 3 Surrey Mills.

Proceedings of the 18th Mill Research Conference



Majorcan Windpumps; a Forgotten Molinologist, Mills on Stamps; Mills & Millers in Literature; Millwrights, Mills & Engines: The Transition from Carpenter to Engineer in Cambs & Hunts 1750-1900.

Proceedings of the 19th Mill Research Conference



The watermill on Alderney, Channel Islands; Mow Cop Millstones, Kidsgrove, Cheshire; Milling & Baking in North Central Hertfordshire 1758 - 1772; Green’s Theorem; Fen Drainage Windmills & Districts of Lincolnshire

Proceedings of the 20th Mill Research Conference

Mills Research Group


Some eucharistic mills; coding the database; windmills as wartime Observation posts;Millstone makers at Nogent-le-Rotrou; the Esoteric mill; Waterwheels in England; Drainage mills by Act of Parliament; Mills Archive; Early American Mills

Proceedings of the 21st Mill Research Conference 

Mills Research Group


Mills in the landscape, economy & society of late 18th century Buckinghamshire; Mr. Reveley’s millstones; The Ramell windmill, Mallorca; Millwrighting Myths of J Brindley.

Proceedings of the Hampshire Field Club vol 27



includes gazeteer of Hampshire breweries

Provender Milling

J. F. Lockwood


Manufacture of Feeding Stuffs for Live Stock.

(The) Quiet Valley with a Busy Past

Michael Woodman


The watermills of By Brook valley of South Gloucestershire and Wiltshire The By brook flows through Castle Combe, Ford, Slaughterford, Box to Bathford where it joins the Avon.Goulter's Mill, Gatecombe Mill, Tanner's Mill, West Kington Mill, Wick Mill, Woodford Mill, Nettleton Mill, Castle Combe Mill, Colham Mill, Lower Colham Mill, Upper Long Dean Mill, Lower Long Dean Mill, Ford Mill, Duncombe Mill, Rag Mill Slaughterford, Chapp's Mill Slaughterford, Weavern Mill, Widdenham Mill, Drewett's Mill, Box Mill, Cuttings Mill, Shockerwick Mills, Bathford Mill.

Report on Watermills Vol. 3 Scale Drawings (includes wind & horse)

Anders Jespersen


Germany 7 water, 2 wind, 2 horse; Denmark 20 water 3 wind; GB 4 water (Longbridge Mill; New Mill, Eversley); Greece 1 wind; Norway 3 water.

(The) Restoration of Windmills & Windpumps in Norfolk



History & photos of the restoration project.

Richard Arkwright




(The) Rise of the White Loaf

John Harrison



(The) River Isbourne in the service of mankind

Mike Lovatt



(The) Roman Gold Minas at Dolaucothi

G D B Jones
 P R Lewis



Saint-Leonard de-Noblat : Un Culte, Une Ville, Un Canton: Cahier de L’Inventaire 13[la Haute-Vienne, Limousin, France



In French
Section on Mills of the area

Scottish Windmills : A Survey

G. Douglas,
M. Oglethorpe,
 J. R. Hume


Covers Orkney as well. history, drawings & photographs.

Sejrup Molle - Memories of a Childhood

Gotfred Lundsgaard


In Danish

(The) Silk Industry in Evercreech, Somerset




Some Essex Water Mills

Hervey Benham


Excellent drawings & photos

Some Principles & Practice in Watermill Repair




Some Principles & Practice in Windmill Repair




Some Watermills of South-West Shropshire

Gordon Tucker


Rivers Teme, Clun, Onny & Corve

SPONS’ Dictionary of Engineering Division 7 of 8, pages 2476 to 2513



photocopy Mill Oil, Flour (Buchholz, disintegrator, millstone & roller systems), Water & Wind Mills

Stability in Windmills



Technical review

Staffordshire Windmills

Barry Job



Standard Proposals for Mill Survey Work:

Anders Jespersen


1st Int. Molinology Symposium 

(The) Standing Windmills of East Sussex

Richard & Richard McDermott



(The) Standing Windmills of West Sussex

Richard & Richard McDermott



Sussex Watermills

F Gregory
R Martin



Svanninge Stampemølle : Reconstructing the Fulling Mill

Anders Jespersen


In Danish and English

Techniques of Industrial Archaeology

J P M Pannell



(The) Textile Industry of South West England

Marilyn Palmer
 Peter Neaverson


A social archaeology

(The) Textile Mill Engine

George Watkins 



Three Mills Conservation Area (London, Newham)



Brief document on House & Clock Mills & Abbey Mills Pumping Station.

Tide Mills of Hampshire and the Isle of Wight

Alex Vincent



Tide Mills of Kent

Alex Vincent



Tide Mills of Sussex

Alex Vincent



TIMS Index Papers Bibliotheca Molinologica, vol 13



Index of the publications of TIMS between 1965 and June 1997.

TIMS First Transactions 1965



Portugal; Molinology; Standard proposals for Mill Survey Work; Conservation & Restoration Techniques in England; Portable Salt-Water Pumping Windmills in the Island of Sal; Some Views on Finnish Watermills & Windmills; A Plea for the Study of Tide Mills in Portugal; Horizontal mills; Windmills in Brazil; Moinhos(mills) in the Topography of Lisbon; Mills of the Pas de Calais & the Nord; Notes on the Windmills of the Loire Valley, Brittany & the West Coast of France; Mills in the Island of Terceira; The Technical Development of the Windmill in England; An Experimental Survey Card for the Index of Portuguese Windmills & Watermills; The Early History of Windmills in theNetherlands; Windmills in the Suburbs of Lisbon; Cervantes & the Windmill; Watermills of the Order of the Templars & the Knights of Christ in the Nulliius Diocesis of Tomar; The Windmills of New England & Long Island, USA; A Proposed Structural Classification of French windmills; The Life & Death of the Windmill; Club International des proprietaires de moulins; Windmills as Residences; Some Notes on the History of the Watermills of Torres Novas; Mill Preservation in Denmark; The Atafona; The contribution of England & Wales to the Molinological Map of Europe; De hollandsche Molen: What it Does and What it Did; Conclusions & Recommendations

TIMS Second Transactions 1969



The floating machine; Portuguese mills; Our future Dutch millers; Antiquarian production; Tax on watermills, effects of the Water Resources Act; Windmills, typology; Watermill survey sheet; Terminologia Molinologiae; Origin of the first windmill; Oblique treadmill;Windmills in southern Brazil; Mills & mill industry in Schleswig-Holstein; 3 waterpowered industrial centres in Nordsjaelland;Portable salt-watermills of France; Alphonse Daudet’s windmill at Fontvieille; Water-powered cornmills of England, Wales & Isle of Man;Chesterton windmill; Horse driven corn mill in England; Watermills in Eretz Israel;Watermills in Podhale in southern Polska; Watermills in Romania; Floating mills in Romania;Windmills in Dobrogea Romania.

TIMS Fourth Transactions 1977



Gawns waterwheel, Blisland, Cornwall; French windmill postcards; French windmills towers;mills & living nature; Small tower mills of Britain; researching Essex windmill history; Overdrive windmills in Britain; Watermills of the Rio Jabalon, La Mancha, Spain; Restoration of a 1664 water grist mill, Long Island, New York; Windpower as a carrier of the early industrial revolution in Holland; Protecting mills in northern France; Conflicts of canal & millers in Norfolk; Greek & Norse horizontal waterwheels; Shingle mills in Finland; Essex windmill disasters; Millstone quarries; Himalayan horizontal waterwheels; Waterpowered lighting; A mill coin; Fantail introduction; French Molinology; Half-moon patent sail; Kentish windmill sweeps; Mills of the lower Rhine; British watermill variations; Grinding with stones;Colvin Run Mill restoration; Rising Basin mills; Restoration of Worsbrough, Barnsley watermill; Burne’s windmill; Portuguese mills; Littleton Wood mill & its Hopper Boy; more Portuguese mills; Cyprus watermills; British Tidemills; Belgium mill restorations; USA mills;Mlowe mill, Malawi; East Sussex mills; some Danish watermills; Windmill sail tests;Flowerdew Hundred mill; Caithness watermills; 2 American windmills; Venn watermill, Garford, Oxon.; Eling Tidemill restoration; Salt mills.

TIMS Fifth Transactions 1982



the Preservation of the Mills of Flanders & the Protection of their Sites; The Oldest References to Windmills in Europe; The Mill of Bondouy & its Dynasty of millers; The Drainage Windmill; The Restoration of the Windmill at Ivry; Notes on the Mills in the Codex attributed to Juanelo Turiano; The Tide Mill of Tregastel; The Oil Mills of Provence; Introduction to the Limousin Water mills; Windmills in the Kiev open air Museum, Ussr; Notes on the Origin of the Windmill in Europe; Notes on Oakdale Grist Mill; McCosh’s Mill in Pennsylvania: a German Mill in Alabama; Trough or Pentrough; The 4th Symposium of Molinology - Matlock; The Last Moulin Pendant; Technical Aspects of the Moulin Pendant; The Moulin Pendant in Northern France; Watermills in Japan; Oliver Evans, an Interpretation; The Vanishing Windmills of Malta; Early Pennsylvania Hemp Mills; Tunisian Oil Mills; Eifel Millstone Production; The tower Mill of Montfermeil; The Styrian Clapper Mill; Some Technical Data on Styrian Clappermill; Mischke’s Mill, Missouri, USA; Chesterton Windmill; Introduction to Anjou Windmills; The place & Role of Ethnology in Molinological Studies; Notes on the Origins of the Vertical Windmill in Europe; a Vitrvian Mill in Rome; Handmills; Water Mills in the Basque country; Moulin de la Chaussee at St- Maurice; A few problems; the Effects of 18th & 19th century Technology on English Windmill development; Animal Powered Farm Mills in the Netherlands; Aspects of Polish windmills; Discussion of the quarter-bars and ‘huse’ assembly in cavier mills

TIMS Seventh Transactions 1989



Some facts about the Scheswig-Holstein region of Germany; Horizontal waterwheels in Aveyron, Massif-Central, France; Treadmill of Kapuvar, Hungary; Windmills of Samos, Greece; Molinos & Molinas in the Canary Islands; Mills in a Museum, Museumsdorf Cloppenburg, Germany; The Last Stone-Sawing Watermill in N. France, Flaumont- Waudrechies; A long way from the Windmill to the Wind Power station, Germany; Was the Cavier Mill invented by Anjou Troglodyte Millers?, France; Far Eastern Watermills; Windmill ‘Emmanuel’ moved from Town to Country, Scheswig-Holstein, Germany; Barley-Peeling Mills - an introduction; The Post Mill - how it came about; Exploitation of the R. Wandle, Surrey; Japanese Rice Mills; Rex Wailes & The International Molinological Society; Horizontal watermills in Southern Europe; The Last Grinding Boat Mills in Europe; The position of the Great Spur-wheel in Hungarian Windmills; The Jonathan Young windmill, Orleans, Mass, USA; Mills & Millers at various times; Some Chinese Millstones; Medieval Water Power Utilization in Switzerland; The Mill Cube; Paltrock Windmills in Middle & Eastern Europe; The Windmills on the delta of the Vistula river, Poland; The Survey of Flour Mills in France 1808; Mill Terminology, English - Dutch/German? translations; Post- Symposium Excursions; Mills on Banknotes & Postage Stamps; 2 German Milling Songs; Press Extracts

TIMS Tenth Transactions 2000 USA



Pre-Symposium Tours; History of American Roller Mills; American Influence in Portuguese Traditional Windmills; A Nabantia, an automatic Portuguese water mill; How Efficient were Horizontal Waterwheels; Watermills in North West Spain; The Export of north American wind Engines; Reverse engineering the Moulin Pendant; Serious Fire on Odd down; Internet as a research tool; Watermills in the Kotsiphou gorge of Southern Crete; Competitive Testing of Wind Engines; Water-driven Reciprocating Saws; Oil Mills of C19 & C20 Switzerland; Wooden Grain Measures in Britain; Japanese Sawmills; The Technology of Boticas Watermills; Milling & Marketing in the newmillennium; Windmill “De Houp” at Breda-Princehage; The Hopper Boy; New Uses & Strategies for Mill Preservation in Portugal; The Norre Snede Windmill; Reconstruction of a Water-lifting Pump at Konda area in Tsukba-city, Japan; The Life of Oliver Evans; Gazetteer of Guernsey Windmills

TIMS Eleventh Transactions 2004 Portugal



Diary of the Symposium; Windmills of Alexandria; Corn-grinding Watermills in Cyprus; Mills Archive  International Implications; Research on Hellenic Mills of Waterpowered Systems in Thrace, Aegean & Cyprus, Greece; Seasonal   movements between Milling by Water and Wind in the Sizandro valley, Portugal; Drive Mechanism of the Overshot waterwheel of ‘Marqueses de Pombal’ Palace - Oeiras, Portugal; Power & Efficiency of Waterwheels in Theory & Practice; Traditional Water-powered Systems in Thrace, Greece; Origins of Tide Mills; Tide-mills of Tagus Estuary, Portugal; Mills & Millers of the Rio Guadiana, Spain, Portugal; Timber in Portuguese Traditional Windmills; Early American Mills; Japanese Wooden Watermill; Box Mill (Japanese Rice Stamp Watermill); Windmills in Estonia; Windmills in Yugoslavia; Grinding in France in 1809; Government Regulation of Watermills in Colonial Virginia, USA; Cartographic Disclosure and the Essence of Mills; Mills of Olymbos, Karpthos, Greece; Mills, Villages and landscapes of Barroso Mountain (Boticas, Portugal); Early Sawmills in Holland; Mills Northwest of Lisbon; Industrialisation of Rice Husking using Watermills in the river Ul, Oliveira de Azemeis, Portugal; Yamada-type Wind Turbine; Patents as a key to understanding Wind Power history in the USA

(The) Town Mill Lyme Regis : Archaeology & History AD 1340 – 2000

Alan Graham,
Jo Draper,
 Martin Watts



Transactions of the 2nd International Symposium on Molinology :  Denmark 


May 1969

start of the Dictionary of Molinology system

USA Internet pages

Theodore R Hazen


Cross Section of a Typical Oliver Evans Mill (3pp) Millstone Dressing Tools (6 pp) Automation of Flour Milling in America Part 1 (5 pp) Historically: How to Site a Mill (8 pp) Personal Tribute to Charles Howell (5pp). Water-Powered Industrial Archaeology (1pp), The Fitz Steel Overshoot Water Wheel Bulletin 70 (3 pp), Museum of the American Windmill (2pp)

Vechten Voor Molens



In Dutch   leaflet with pictures of many mills

(La) Vendee des Moulins

Andre Lemesle


In French
describes some windmills of the Vendee region.

(Le) Vent, les moulins et la patrimoine eolien 



In French  A guide to types of windmills found in the Languedoc Rousillon region.

(The) Versatile Millstone; Workhorse of Many Industries

Jon A.Sass


a USA book, written from their perspective

Victorian & Edwardian Windmills and Watermills from old photographs

J. K. Major
Martin Watts



(Les) Vieux Moulins de Picardie, (Les Moulins de France No.5)

Associations Protectrices des Moulins


In French Reprint of 1907 edition - Special issue No.5 of Revue des Associations Protectrices des Moulins

Wales : A Glimpse of the Past



A tourists guide to industrial sites

Water and Wind Mills in Hampshire and the Isle of Wight

P Moore



Water and Wind Power

Martin Watts


Development and history

Water Power and Watermills

Jonathan Brown


historical guide

Water Power Equipment by Fitz Water Wheel Co.



1992 SPOOM reprint 

Water Power on the Farm Bulletin No.60 of June 1923



Sales literature. Fitz Water Wheel Co., Hanover, Pennsylvania

Water Raising by Animal Power

Hugo Brunner
J. Kenneth Major




Peter Wenham 



Watermills & Windmills 1933 & 1976

William Coles Finch


Historical Survey of Rise, Decline & Fall as portrayed in Kent

Watermills and Stoneground Flour Milling

Nigel S Harris



(The) Watermills of Britain

Leslie Syson


history & how it works plus a description of some mills

(The) Watermills of Buckinghamshire

Michael Farley
 Edward Legg
James Venn


Buckinghamshire Archaeology  Soc.
1930’s account by Stanley Freese with original photographs

Watermills of Cumbria

Mike Davies-Shiel


Dalesman Publishing Description of types, water-courses, machinery, etc.

Watermills of East Anglia

Pat O'Brien


Tempus; photos with brief description
Lots of errors

(The) Watermills of Tiverton

Barbara Keene with Dot Butler
 Martin Bodman



Watermills of the East Malling and Wateringbury Streams

M J Fuller



Watermills of the Monnow & Trothy & their tributaries

S D Coates
G D Tucke



Watermills on the Derbyshire Wye

A Roberts



Waterschap van de Linge, Geldermalsen



In Dutch.  Water works

Wenkende Wieken in West-Vlaanderen



In Flemish.  Mill Guide

(The) Wey Consultation Report

Environment Agency



Wheat Flour Milling from Millstones to Rollers

Nigel S Harris



Wiek en Rad (Wind and Watermills in Limburg)



In Dutch, English, German & French

Wiltshire Windmills

Martin Watts


History and gazetteer

Wind & Watermills of Suffolk

Suffolk CC



Wind and Water Mills Vol 2

Midland Wind and Water Mills Group


More Mills on the Belne Brook, Worcs.; Watermills in Bromsgrove; Windmill Governors; Mills & Forges on Wannerton Brook in N. Worcs;Robert Summers, Reconstruction of Wolverton Mill, Bucks.

Wind and Water Mills Vol 3

Midland Wind and Water Mills Group


Watermills of R.Salwarfe outside of Bromsgrove; History & Description of Norton Lindsey Windmill, Warks; French Millstones & Millstone Making; Everton Windmill, Notts.

Wind and Water Mills Vol 4

Midland Wind and Water Mills Group


19C Millers at Turn & Elmbridge Mills, Worcs; Watermills on R.Stour, Worcs & Staffs, Pt.1; Bedfordshire Windmills; Horizontal Mills of Hazara; Development of Water Turbine; Etruscan Mill, Stoke on Trent

Wind and Water Mills Vol 5

Midland Wind and Water Mills Group


Fladbury Mill, Worcs; Watermills on R.Stour, Worcs & Staffs, Pt.2; Temple Farm Wheel, W. Midlands; English & French Millstone Dressing; Norse mills of Shetland; Mallorca Windmills; Nepal Watermills.

Wind and Water Mills Vol 6

Midland Wind and Water Mills Group


Keble Hall, Staffs water supply; Watermills of R.Stour, Worcs. & Staffs, Pts. 3 & 4; Hurcott Paper Mill, Kidderminster; Fulling Stocks; DIY Boulter; Moulin de Billion, Morbihan, Brittany.

Wind and Water Mills Vol 7

Midland Wind and Water Mills Group


Medieval English Mills & Milling; Watermills on R.Stour, Worcs. & Staffs,Pt.5; Mills on Upper Arrow valley, Kington, Herts; Machinery of Blackford Mill, Henley-in-Arden; Wheatley Windmill.

Wind and Water Mills Vol 8

Midland Wind and Water Mills Group


Crag Works; South African Watermills; 14C Millstone Transaction; Birkdale Old Mill; From Mill to Megawatt.

Wind and Water Mills Vol 9

Midland Wind and Water Mills Group


The Vanishing Windmill; Memories of Walk Mill, Eccleshall; Tidal Power: from Tide Mill to Severn Barrage; 2 South African Windmills; Tide Wheel at Tintern ?.

Wind and Water Mills Vol 10

Midland Wind and Water Mills Group


Shut Mill, Romsley, Worcs.; Watermills of Broome & Hurcott Estates, Kidderminster Worcs.; Harbury Windmill; A Scots Mill

Wind and Water Mills Vol 11

Midland Wind and Water Mills Group


Smelting Mill, Dimmingsdale, Staffs; Anjou Windmills; Flyball Governor; Dunham Massey Sawmill, Altrincham; Some Irish Watermills

Wind and Water Mills Vol 12

Midland Wind and Water Mills Group


Watermills on the Repton Brook, Staffs; Bishop of Litchfield’s Mills; Abandoned Windmills of Lanzarote; Shifford’s Grange Farm Mill, Market Drayton; Waterpowered Hoists at Castlefield, Manchester

Wind and Water Mills Vol 13

Midland Wind and Water Mills Group


 Water Works at Strutt’s Mill, Belper and the 1st Suspension Waterwheel; Drying Clay Tiles; Nepali Watermills; Proposals for Vertical Axis, Wind Powered Turbine Generators; Medical Condition of Makers of French Millstones

Wind and Water Mills Vol 14

Midland Wind and Water Mills Group


 Watermills on Ledwyche & Corn Brooks in S. Shropshire; History of Bosley Works, Cheshire; Stone Grinding at Washford Mill, Buglawton; Pierre-Theophile Berton and his Windmill Sails

Wind and Water Mills Vol 21

Midland Wind and Water Mills Group


Croxton Windmill, Staffs; Mills at Winshill, Burton on Trent; Mill explosion at Macclesfield, Cheshire; What happened to the Millstones ?; Some unusual and little known Wind Engines.

Wind Molens in Nederland (Netherlands)

P. Nijhof


In Dutch

Windmill Gazetteer for England 1stedition

Mills Research Group



Windmill Giants tower over Schiedam : A Walking & Cycling Tour through History.

Nathalie Lans


A history of the mills of Schiedam, Holland containing a lot of historical photographs.

Windmill Land

Allen Clark


Rambles in North Lancashire

Windmillers Gazette vol 16-4



windmill towers


Suzanne Beedell


Origins & Development & Machinery World-wide


Richard L Hills


A pictorial history of their technology


Anne & Scott MacGregor


project series for young people

Windmills & Millwrighting

Stanley Freese



(Francis Frith’s) Windmills & Watermills

Anthony Bryan


Photographic Memories

Windmills & Watermills : Excursions into Architecture

John Reynolds


Origins & Development & Machinery

(The) Windmills and Millers of Brighton

H. T. Dawes



Windmills and Watermills in Iceland



a short survey

(The) Windmills and Watermills of Bedfordshire

Hugh Howes


past, present, and future

Windmills and Waterwheels Explained

Stan Yorke


Countryside Books England’s Living History Series.  explains most of the functions of the machinery found in mills in photos and drawings.

Windmills and Windmotors

F. E. Powell


Pbk 1995 copy

Windmills in England

Rex Wailes


a study of their origin & development

Windmills in Hertfordshire

Stevenage Museum



Windmills in Kent

Rex Wailes
 John Russell

1953-54 & 1954-55

Excerpt Transactions of the Newcomen Soc. Vol. 29, 

Windmills in Lambeth

Michael Short


an historical survey

Windmills in Sussex

Peter Hemming


C. W. Daniel Co.

Windmills in Warwickshire

Wilfred A.Seaby
 Arthur C.Smith


survey of what remains

(The) Windmills of Derbyshire, Leicestershire and Nottinghamshire, Part 1.: Post Mills

P. H. J. Baker
Rex Wailes



Windmills of Devon

Walter Minchinton


History and gazetteer

Windmills of East Anglia

Brian Flint


Gazetteer of 64 mills in Norfolk, Suffolk, Essex and Cambs.

Windmills of England

R. J.Brown,


a study of their origin & development

(The) Windmills of Hampshire

Anthony Triggs


a not-exhaustive study

Windmills of Hampshire and the Isle of Wight

Guy Blythman



(The) Windmills of John Wallis Titt

J. Kenneth Major


Description of some wind engines

(The) Windmills of Kent

Jenny West



Windmills of Lincolnshire : Surviving into the 21stCentury  

David Jager


Heritage Lincolnshire   History & Photos then & now

(Notes on the) Windmills of Oland, Sweden, 

Rex Wailes


Excerpt Transactions Newcomen Soc. Vol. 38 

Windmills of Nottinghamshire

Tony Shaw



Windmills of Somerset and the men who worked them

Alfred J Coulthard
 Martin Watts


gazetteer & photos.

(The) Windmills of Surrey and Inner London

K. G. Farries
 M. T. Mason



(The) Windmills of Sussex

Martin Brunnarius


Today’s and bygone mills

Windmills of Sussex

Brian Austen


A5 Pbk. guide

Windmills of Thanet [Kent]

C. J. Mills


A5 Pbk.

Windmills of the Aegean Sea

Eleni Limona-Trebela


Details of various types of windmills

(The) Windmills of Thomas Hennell

Alan Stoyel


Landmark. A collection of his drawings mostly from the 1930’s of windmills and their machinery

Windmills of Yorkshire

R Gregory
 L Turner



(The) Windmills, Watermills and Horse-Mills of Dorset

H. S. L. Dewar


photocopy with gazetteer

Woodbridge Tide Mill (Essex) GB-62/001

J. Kenneth Major


Consists of scale drawings of the mill

Yesterday No. 27, July 1990



contains an article on Eling Tide Mill


Single Mills – A5 booklet guides

Alresford Fulling Mill

Argos windmill, Sussex

Arlington Mill, Bibury, Gloucestershire

Ashlett, Southampton Water


Barnham Windmill [Sussex]

Bembridge Windmill, Isle of Wight

Benholm Mill

Billingford Windmill

Bursledon Windmill

Burton Mill (Petworth)

Calbourne Isle of Wight

Clapton Mill, Crewkerne 

Claverton Pumping Station

Clayton Windmills

Coultershaw Beam Pump [Sussex]

Chudleigh Town Mills (Exeter, Devon) 

Esgair Moel Woollen Mill, St.Fagans

Finch Foundry Trust & Sticklepath Museum

Ford End Watermill (Ivinghoe, Beds.)

Forge Mill Museum, Redditch

Greens Mill

Havnbjerg Mølle (Danish)

Heage Windmill Revealed

Heatherslaw Mill (Ford, Northumberland) 

Heckington Windmill [Lincs]

History of Woods Mill

Hook’s Watermill (Hook, Hants)

Leap Mill

Mabry Mill - Then & Now - Blue Ridge Parkway, Virginia, USA

Melbury Abbas Mill (Shaftsbury, Dorset)

Mapledurham Watermill

Melin Bompren Corn Mill, St. Fagans

Mills of Bridport

Moulins Haut Garonne (French)

New Hall Mill, Sutton Coldfield

Old Tide Mill at Eling (Southampton)

Pakenham Windmill, Suffolk  

Pitstone Windmill (Ivinghoe, Bucks N.T.) 

Saxted Green Mill (Framlingham, Suffolk)

Shawford Mill (Rode, Frome, Somerset)

Shipley Mill (W. Sussex) 

Slusegaardens Mølle og Orredhus (Danish)

Stansted Windmill, Essex

Tadre Mølle (Danish)

Thelnetham Windmill

(The) Three Mills

Throop Mill [Dorset] and its Last Miller

Upminster, Windmill Essex

Whitchurch Silk Mill

Wimbledon Windmill

Windmill, Windmill Hill, Swindon

Woodbridge Tide Mill (Suffolk)

Wrawby Post Mill

Y Felin,.St Dogmaels

Yafford Mill & Farm Park (Shorwell, IoW)




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