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Newsletter 91 Winter 2010  © Hampshire Mills Group


Presidential Notes


Thursday 5th  Delivered notes for a letter to Bursledon parish Council with reference to the possible loss of Dodwell Pond; this being a large and old established village pond. Carol will type up my scribbling and send them to Bursledon P.C.

Monday 9th  Spoke to One Community Central Group on the History of Milling’’

Tuesday 10th Spoke to One Community Chandlers Ford Group on the “History of the Postcard”.

Wednesday 11th Spoke to One Community Botley Group.  This time “a look at the British Canal System”.

Friday 13th Spoke to One Community Hillside Group.  Back to a “History of Wind and Watermills”.

Monday 16th Attended HMG Committee and HIAS Committee meetings on the same day.  A record?

Friday 20th Attended, by invitation, a meeting of Bursledon Parish Council, ref. Dodwell Pond where I emphasized it’s historical importance.  They now have to find out who owns it!!!

Sunday 22nd Attended Crux Easton Trustees meeting.

Tuesday 24th Meeting ref. what work is required to forward the work on the replacement Water and Wind Mills of Hants. & I.O.W. book.


Saturday 4th Basil and I assisted our member, John Lovell, with his stand at Alresford Show.  We had a very busy day talking to lots of people about mills.  Photographs are very important and many visitors spent time looking at these.  Of course, John had the scale model of Dock Mills’  sales turning (with a little help from an electric motor) and that is tall enough to be sseen right across the show ground.  A very busy day!

Tuesday 7th I spoke to Aldershot Townswomens’ Guild about “The British Canal System” at Aldershot Library.  Margaret came with me and thank goodness she did as we became lost trying to get towards Alton in a maze of small country lane,s and a navigator became essential.  We finally arrived home nearer 11 than 10- o’clock.

Saturday 11th I attended Crux Easton Wind Engine Open Day when The Moth Club held a “fly in” on Geoffrey de Haviland’s private landing field.  An excellent day with quite a few coming to see the wind engine and the deHaviland models.  The Hog Roast was very good as well. 


Friday 1st  On a personal note, Margaret and I celebrated our Golden Wedding anniversary with lunch at the King Court Restaurant with friends and relations; a very good day.

Monday 11th  Mick and I attended a meeting at Chilcomb (Museum Headquarters) with Doctor Janet Owen with regard to the future of Bursledon Windmill.

Thursday 14th  This afternoon I spoke to the Fleet Townswomen’s Guild on the “History  of Milling”. Margaret came with me again but this time an easy trip up the M3 and back saved a complicated navigational problem.

Saturday, 23rd  The monthly milling day at Longbridge Mill up at Sherfield on Loddon..  A very good day’s work again despite my attack of sciatica.  I was delighted to go to Longbridge, even if my participation was confined to filling flour bags and taking visitors around the site.


Wednesday, 3rd  It was a delight to address Southampton University Retired Staff Association on Milling History.  Some 45/50 people turned up despite the wet weather.  I was also pleased to accept a generous cheque in favour of Hampshire Mills Group, as a donation. 

Monday, 8th  Hampshire Mills Group Committee Meeting at Winchester, courtesy of Keith and Ruth Andrews.

Tuesday, 16th  Mick, Alison and I recommenced looking at mills in the south of the county, to update mills and power sites in the Meon Valley, starting at the ex-William Wheatley Yard, south of Wickham, and subsequently mills further south including Hubbards Mill, Titchfield Mill and the water power site at Brownwich Farm*.  Although this had been the first site ever worked on by the “Heavy Gang”, it is so much changed we became disoriented and will have to return for further enquiries.  A good day, nevertheless.

*Ref: “Excavation at Brownwich Farm” by P. Moore; Industrial Archaeology ReviewVII-24

Thursday, 18th  A marvellous telephone call from Simon Hudson of S.P.A.B., advising that, following our application for help with repairs to the top section of the  Crux Easton well’s support timbers, the Repair Fund had allocated £1,000 towards the repairs necessary to ensure the stability of the supports

Thank you S.P.A.B.!


This is super news, but many more pennies are to be found to complete the project – see Ruth Andrews’

                                                                                                                                                    John Silman

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