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Newsletter 86, Autumn 2009 © Hampshire Mills Group

Quizzical Corner

Hampworth Sawmill near Romsey

Rose Campion


(1) Hampworth saw mill has no machinery left inside just this rather battered water wheel. Does anybody have any information about its history?

(2).  Dusty Miller is the colloquial name for the popular cottage garden plant Rose Campion. (Lychnis Coronaria). One of those escapologist plants which presumably has thrived around corn mills; its grey stalks and leaves looking as though dusted with flour.




Here are the Autumn Brain Teasers :


1. If a miller asked a millwright or stone dresser to “show his mettle”- what would they do?

2. Can you name the milling and bakery business run by Wallace and Gromit in their  hit film “A Matter of Loaf and Death” first aired over Christmas last year?


Minutes of the Inaugural Meeting of Hampshire Mills’ Group


Dave Plunkett unearthed this recording of the first ever meeting of the Hampshire Mills Group Held at Eling Tide Mill, on Friday, 29th January 1982  which we thought you might find interesting. 

Members Present:  Wm. Boothby; Dr. G. Bowie; Michael Carden; John Ellis; Thomas Freestone; Cyril Hathaway; Michael Inge; David Plunkett; John Reynolds; John Silman; Kevin Stubbs; J. Bruce Tappenden; S. Tappenden.  Apologies. Dr. Edwin Course.

Amendments to the Constitution was the first item on the Agenda; Dr. Gavin Bowie suggested there should be a Minute Secretary, a Vice-Chairman; a subscription of £2 and a donation to Eling Tide Mill for heating, etc.

The following Officers were elected:  Chairman: John Silman;  Vice-Chairman: Kevin Stubbs; Secretary: Dr. Gavin Bowie; Minute Secretary: Sylvia Tappenden and Treasurer:  David Plunkett. 

The meeting then accepted John Reynolds’ logo design of a Medieval Mill Rhynd and Michael Carden supplied an address for rubber stamps for stationery etc.

Item 6 was Introduction to Mill Restoration which Dr. G. Bowie kicked off with an explanation of Wind and Watermills Section of the S.P.A.B. and the Committee of Regional Groups (COGS) and the relationship of the Hampshire Mills’ Group’s alliance to them.  Kevin Stubbs described the role of the Hampshire Buildings’ Preservation Trust, set up in 1975 to restore and sell buildings.  Hampshire County Council’s Historic Buildings Bureau also give help and advice.  John Reynolds advised that H.C.C.  encourages owners to keep historic buildings in order and helped to restore buildings.  H.C.C. owns some 200 buildings which are of sufficient historic interest to warrant preservation.   Item 7 concerned  various buildings first of which was Brownwich Farm.   John Silman said that the Industrial Archaeology. Group of Southampton were asked to look at it and he explained the site.  John Reynolds suggested that the site was of greater antiquity than previously realised.  For Eling Tide Mill, Tom Freestone reported that 1981 had been a good year. There was an appeal for £3,000.  Eling Tide Mill had sent bread and a bread board to the Royal Wedding.  Mr. Ridd (old local baker) gave regular demonstrations of bread making at the mill.  Animal feed was now produced.  Mr. Freestone requested signs to enable visitors to find their way to the mill.  Kevin Stubbs reported that ‘Friends of Bursledon Windmill’ had been formed to raise £100,000 for restoring the Mill.  John Reynolds said that Jim Lewis was working for the Trust at Bursledon and that the cap was well on its way;  H.C.C. were replacing some floor joists.  Item 8 was the Watermill Check List . Dr. Bowie asked members to visit the following Mills - with tact - and report back to the Meeting:

Kevin Stubbs:  Nursling Mill (Armfield Turbine); Wherwell Mill; Falkland Farm Mill; Island Mill, Kingsclere; Pylewell and Anstey Mills, Alton, Whitchurch Silk Mill.

J.B. Tappenden:   Titchfield; Durley; Waltham Chase. John Reynolds: Greywell Mill and Hockley Mill.  Dr. G. Bowie: Ecchinswell; Quidhampton; Longbridge.

John Silman: Greatham Mill; Breamore Mill.  David Plunkett: Place Mill; Efford Mill; Throop Mill.  Bill Boothby:  Alderholt; Nether Wallop; Upper Mill, Longparish; Longstock at Stockbridge. John Ellis: Pilcot and Froyle. Cyril Hathaway: Boarhunt.

       Dr. Bowie suggested that members finding inflammable materials etc. should contact Kevin Stubbs.     
         Expansion of the list of mills would be extended when opportunities arose
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