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Newsletter 84, Spring 2009© Hampshire Mills Group


Tail Race ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Quarries Information Sought.  Steve Wood, 36 Rothay Close, Dronfield Woodhouse, Sheffield, S18 8PR. peakscan@talktalk.net. is compiling a European Atlas of Millstone Quarries.  Can you help?  Details required include:location: OS reference: parish/village/town: county: country;  ownership (if known);  description; brief historical detail; bibliography (if available);  photographs;  date when visited.  The key requirement is that the site be checked out on the ground and is not simply referred to in printed or handwritten document.

  Stitching yourself up with a nice little embroidered windmill scene.  Printed cloth and a text for another pattern have been passed on to us from HMG member Mariana Perry-Zoupanou.  Whose creative and nimble fingers would like to have a go at them?  Please contact Sheila - contact details on pages 1 and 2 of this newsletter.

  The Oxford Bread Group was launched in November 2008 to promote interest in the sale of loaves made from mixed grain organic crops of the types which would have been grown in earlier centuries.  This is the brainchild of John Letts, a Canadian archeobotanist who, through his interest in thatched roofs whilst studying at Reading University, discovered the wide variety of grains our forefathers harvested.  Joining John  Letts in The Group are Andrew Whitley - baker and founder of Bread Matters and The Real Bread Campaign;  Colin Tudge - biologist and author of Feeding People is Easy

  Hydro Power from mills is in the national newspapers.  Controversy is mounting over the benefits and apparent downsides to this use of waterways,  as anglers and fly-fishers declare it could be detrimental to fish stocks inasmuch that fish ladders arenít negotiated by the fish.  Letís hope the turbine installers donít have their ladders pulled from under them!  See the Blog Site on www.millsarchive.org and add your comments. Coincidentally, the following message was forwarded from Richard Willetts of Upwey Mill:  This is the web address  or an EU/EA consultation regarding new power for the EA fisheries both for new work  and retrospectively on existing/old sites.   As normal Mills do not feature in the list of consultees!   http://www.defra.gov.uk/corporate/consult/fisheries-legislation/So, if you are in the process of gathering information prior to filling out your hyro-electric plant grant you would seem well advised to consult DEFRA first..

Dry after all that reading?  Then succumb to a bottle of Dark Lord, a dark ruby beer, brewed
by Batemans a family who have been brewing at their windmill since 1874 on the bank of
the River Steeping at Wainfleet, Lincolnshire.  The beer is highly recommended by HMG
member, John Mears, who has selflessly tested it on your behalf.  Morrisons Supermarket is
his stockist.  Enjoy!

DID YOU KNOW that you can air your mill related queries, thoughts, feelings, announce-
ments, opinions and contemplations on a BLOG SITE called Mill Writing ?  Ashok Vaidya has
set up a link from our own website: www.hampshiremills.org  to 
Go on - have your say. 

Did you also know that you can buy mill and mill related books from The Mills
Archive Trust? If you decide to become a Friend of the MAT you are entitled to
discounts on them.  Other items they sell are postcards; some may be old
(duplicates of those already held in collections), but there is a small series
which have been especially printed for MAT and hereís a sample:

Benenden Windmill  

Amos Clarke  

Sherborne Mill        

Stelling Minnis

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