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Tony Yoward Presentation at the Mills Archive



Ashok Vaidya


Photos by the Mills Archive


We had a very happy occasion on 15 December 2017 when members of the Hampshire Mills Group joined the staff at the Mills Archive in Reading to acknowledge and celebrate the handing over to the safekeeping of the Archive the great set of records, notes, and images collected by Tony and Mary Yoward over many decades.



Tony was the guest of honour, accompanied by Jane Yoward, with Andy Fish, David Plunkett, and myself representing Hampshire Mills Group.


We were welcomed by Ron and Mildred Cookson, Liz Bartram, Nathanael Hodge, and Elizabeth Trout from the Archive.


There was a lot to talk about as Tony had been a founder and trustee at the Mills Archive in its earliest days.

Left : Ron Cookson welcoming Tony

As Tony has been winding down his researches on mills over the last year or so, car boot-loads of files, documents and books have been moved from his home to the Archive.


The Hampshire Mills Group has made a generous donation to the Archive to fund the specialist materials and boxes that are required for long term archiving.

Right: Just some of the binders of the Tony Yoward Collection


In addition David Plunkett, Eleanor Yates, and I have been working at the Archive on the “Tony Yoward Collection” as it is termed, identifying, sorting, and cataloguing the materials.  Life was made easier by the excellent and rigorous filing that Tony used, and the databases and electronic copies that he had made.

One distinct part of the materials is a collection of over 1500 photos of internal and external views of wind and water mills taken by Arthur Lowe from the 1930s onwards, which were given to the Hampshire Mills Group for safekeeping, and which have now in turn been passed to the Archive.  On the way each image has been scanned and catalogued and eventually will be available on line.

Tony’s computer records, and especially those relating to Hampshire, have been retained by the Hampshire Mills Group for easy reference.  The hard copies that were already made, and the other printed materials are now at the Archive.


Tony must have asked a tricky question!


Ashok, Mildred, and Nathanael with Tony


We finished off the morning by clearing the decks and having a delicious light lunch, joined by the rest of the Archive staff.

So this is a very good outcome to a lifetime of dedication to the recording and saving of historical information, with a transfer to another organisation that relies on volunteers and donations and grants to provide a safe and appropriate home which future generations will be able to call upon.



Three pictures from the Arthur Lowe Collection:

Above left:  Abbotstone Mill

Above right:  Greywell Mill

Left:  Sopley Mill

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