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Newsletter 94, Autumn 2011 Hampshire Mills Group

hurning by Waterwheel (Summer 1951)
submitted by Peter Mobbs

An Extract from "The Countryman" magazine Published Autumn 1951
(price 2s 6d quarterly post free)

I live not more than 2 miles from the Snowdonian farm of Berthlwyd and butter is still churned by waterpower on the farm next to mine.

The wheel is similar to the one described; the water comes through pipes from a small dam. The time required for churning by this method is unimportant as the farmer's wife can go about her work meanwhile.

Only during droughts is there any difficulty, then the farmer's wife may have to leave her cooking and finished the job by hand

  RJ Rack, Caernarvonshire.

The waterwheel in Snowdonia reminds the writer of the one that he found in the path of a small stream on a mountainside in Norway. The photograph shows, running out from the centre of the wheel a rod which turns with it and connects to the churn. When the wheel is not in use a piece of turf is placed at the top of the chute to divert the water and prevent unnecessary wear on the axle.   N.E. Hill, Somerset


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